Hello world! I’m a binger.

I binge.

Just yesterday I woke up, looked out the window, smelled the sweet morning air, and without skipping a beat got my ass as fast as I could to the bakery on the corner of the street. I needed a morning fix. Not paying any attention to the people or the environment around me (I practically ran there) I bought as many baked goods as I could with the money I had in my pocket and I ate.

I am, no doubt, a compulsive eater. A binge eater. An overeater. I don’t know what to call it. And to be honest I don’t what to do about it either. But that is not why I am here. I am here because last week as I had a breakdown and sobbed uncontrollably in the back of the grocery store (no one saw… I don’t think) I realized I need to share my experiences with food. My binges. My emotions. I need to write about them. I need to reach out to others who feel the same.

Perhaps you have a similar experience and I would love to hear from you. In fact, I would love for this to be a place for anyone who has ever felt that they are controlled by food to come and relate. It has always helped me to read about someone being honest and frank about something that makes you want to cringe.

But lets get real, you didn’t think I was going to be THAT honest, did you? This is anonymous. That way I can be truthful and sincere about my experiences. Plus I don’t want like, my roommate to figure out I secretly binge eat. Because I’m sure she doesn’t already know… ha.


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